Commercial Lawyers for Business Agreements & Contracts

If you’re an individual, small business, large corporation or an incorporated association, your priority is to ensure your commercial pursuits are seamlessly executed. It’s therefore imperative to formally and legally protect yourself; failing to do so can potentially result in lack of clarity and transparency, poorly defined rights and obligations for yourself, employees, contractors and shareholders, and unexpected conflicts or complications.   

At Osborne Howell, we possess comprehensive knowledge regarding the ever-changing statutory regulations imposed by relevant authorities in Australia. We’re also passionate about helping businesses understand the intricacies of Commercial and Corporate Law so they can implement the best strategies and agreements to protect themselves and maintain their integrity.

With our comprehensive expertise in commercial and corporate Law, we can help you implement a variety of important agreements and policies, including: shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, independent contractor agreements, employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), distribution agreements, terms & conditions, privacy policies, disclaimers, business sale agreements and commercial leases

commercial law involves business agreements, contarcts and amployment law. Osborne Howeel is very experienced with all areas of commercial law