Elder Law

The needs of older citizens are more specialised than those of younger people. Our experienced elder law lawyers are skilled in dealing with all the important legal matters that require attention or decision by an ageing client.  We act as advocates for our elderly clients and their families, providing legal advice on a range of important issues such as effective estate planning, the appointment of an enduring guardian, the selection and appointment of an attorney – under an Enduring Power of Attorney document – and contractual advice regarding retirement villages and nursing home accommodation.

An older person’s circumstances can change dramatically. They may suffer from the gradual or sudden effects of an illness or medical condition which can reduce their ability to make effective decisions for themselves. In these cases, there are two options available which offer our clients and their families peace of mind. The first is the appointment of enduring guardian (to cover the situation if the client, at some later date, loses the ability to make their own decisions, about their own person), and secondly, the appointment of an attorney under an enduring power of attorney document (to cover the situation if the client, at some later date, becomes incapable of looking after their own financial affairs).

Elder Law includes power of attorney and enduring guardian law

Enduring Guardian

An enduring guardian is a person who has been appointed by you to make lifestyle, health and medical decisions for you when you are unable to make those decisions for yourself. If you are rendered incapacitated for whatever reason, your enduring guardian will then make decisions on how and where you will live, ensuring you get the care you require.

The elder law team at Osborne Howell guides clients through the process of appointing an enduring guardian, ensuring the client understand the whole process and chooses the right person for the role.

Enduring Attorney & Power of Attorney

An enduring attorney is a person who is entrusted with making financial decisions on your behalf. If the worst should happen and you are unable to make decisions for yourself, your enduring attorney can make the appropriate financial decisions with your best interests in mind.  A power of attorney offers protection for clients who may become vulnerable due to an impaired ability to make decisions.

Many people are unfamiliar of the obligations required of an enduring attorney, so it’s vital to get the right legal advice from an experienced lawyer familiar with the law. At Osborne Howell, we assist clients with the preparation of the legal documents specifically tailored to their needs in a friendly, efficient and cost effective manner.

Both the enduring guardian and power of attorney roles offer you the peace of mind that your future is in safe hands.

If you have any questions about enduring guardians or enduring powers of attorney, or any other queries related to elder law, contact the team at Osborne Howell.